Alma de Espana

Alma de España

Alma de España is one of Canada's finest flamenco studios, and I've been proudly associated with them for more than 15 years (!) This site is my most completely custom WordPress endeavour yet, providing them with a fresh, modern, performance-focused platform for their ever changing information. One of the key elements of this site is the seamless, enjoyable mobile experience, and I hope you'll investigate the site on both desktop and handheld devices.

Ballet Victoria

Ballet Victoria's new site is a major customization of the WordPress "Neve" theme, and incorporates several modern, exciting WordPress tools: Woocommerce (e-commerce for their class registrations, recurring/one-time donations, and events), Smart Slider, Elementor editor, and a highly-customized social feed tool. The original design is not mine, but I've worked closely with BV staff to create this new incarnation; it's got great mobile functionality, and a UX designed to quickly guide visitors to key elements of the site.

About Quadra Street Designs

Contrary to a popular myth, Steve Switzer was NOT raised by a family of circus poodles. He is, however, a web designer with more than 20 years experience.

I’ve been putting together web sites since the mid-90s, and along the way I’ve embraced new technologies as I’ve encountered them. Today I’m still in the business of putting together web sites, and I believe I’ve earned a good reputation for sites that “get the job done.”

Please peruse my web design portfolio, and let me know if I can help you out with your web project.

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Steve Switzer