Left Coast Insights

Left Coast Insights is a Tourism Consulting firm based in Victoria, BC. This is a custom theme (and logo) designed to show off a modern, professional consultant.

Gene's Music Machine

Gene is a Jazz musician living in New Orleans; there are 3 distinct aspects represented on the site: his band, Gene's Music Machine, his project, New Orleans Super Jam, and just plain old Gene the Drummer. This is a custom WordPress theme, and the logo is one of my designs.

Innovative Communities.org Foundation

ICO is a Victoria-based NGO, working with communities around the world. This is a custom WordPress theme, along with a sophisticated donation/accounting integration designed and built for their site.

About Quadra Street Designs

I’m tempted to write this as a 3rd-person narrative, e.g. “Steve Switzer was raised by a family of circus poodles”, etc., but that comes off as a bit pretentious — the 3rd-person part, not the circus poodle part (which is true, by the way) — and it doesn’t give the right impression; I like to think of myself as a professional, understanding web developer… who is also quite personable and no pretensions.

I’ve been putting together web sites since the mid-90s, and along the way I’ve embraced new technologies as I’ve encountered them. Today I’m still in the business of putting together web sites, and I believe I’ve earned a good reputation for sites that “get the job done.”

Please peruse my web design portfolio, and let me know if I can help you out with your web project.

Happy to meet you,
Steve Switzer