I’ve always believed that the services I provide for others are of a professional quality, and that there is value in having me help you with your website and programming needs. But perhaps you’d like to learn how to “do it” yourself?

In Victoria, BC I offer tutoring for both adults and students (at both high school and university levels.)

Help for individuals is available in the following areas:

  • Programming — I specialize in Java, but may also be able to help you with Perl, PHP, Javascript, or SQL. I have been a professional programmer for more than 25 years. I have a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria. (If you’re looking for University-level Java programming tutoring, my real value is to year 1 and 2 students.)
  • Website design — Basic or advanced html, image processing, simple JavaScript and jQuery. I have 20+ years experience.
  • WordPress — Learn how to set up and maintain your own WordPress site. I have 9+ years experience.
  • Photoshop — Learn how to do those cool things with Photoshop that you’ve never been able to figure out on your own. I have 20+ years experience.

From one of my Website Design students:

“Exam was easy peasy thanks to you. It’s been great working with you this semester, couldn’t have done it without you… looks like a 90% overall.”

My tutoring rate for students (high school/college/university) is a firm $45/hour; my rate for non-students is $60/hour.
(Minimum 2 hours per session.)

NOTE: I’m well aware that $45/hour is higher than most tutors… but I really can’t afford to work for less than that, as tutoring is something that I do in addition to several other projects. If you can’t afford that rate, then please contact School is Easy for other tutoring options.