Upcoming Chrome Security Update

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Some of you may already be aware that as of version 62 of Google Chrome, any text entered into a form (contact forms, some search boxes, etc.) on a website not secured with SSL (think https: vs. http:) will trigger a security warning to the site visitor. The update to Chrome is due sometime in October, and may have the effect of “spooking” some of your site visitors.

There’s really only two ways to fix this if your site is not already using https/SSL:

  1. Get rid of all your forms (such as newsletter sign-up, contact forms, etc.), and to a lesser extent search forms where the search field is a “text” field instead of a “search” field, or preferably…
  2. Change your site to use https/SSL; if you host your site with me, the SSL certificate is free, but it’s still going to take some work to update your site – whether or not it uses WordPress – to work as an https site instead of http.

For a good quick read on this, check out this post from 9to5Google.