Ad Blocking Coming to Chrome Without the Need for a Plugin

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Sometime in February your Chrome browser, whether desktop or mobile, without the need for additional plugins, will start blocking obnoxious ads. As per Android Central:

Following the launch of the ad-blocker on February 15, any advertisements that have a status of “failing” in the Coalition’s Ad Experience Report for more than 30 days will be blocked from Chrome. The idea of the whole thing is to prevent online ads from becoming too aggressive or in your face, and I’m sure that’s something anyone who’s ever gone online can stand behind.

It won’t block all ads… only those that make it annoyingly difficult to read page content.

If this works well, I’ll gladly turn off my AdBlock plugin as it blocks ads that are, as I know from experience, essential to a site’s ability to keep operating. Present me with an ad that doesn’t interfere with my enjoyment of page content, and I’m all yours.