New Site for Alma de España

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I’m very proud of this site, and you can read the full description on my portfolio page, but in this post I’d like to briefly describe the process I used to design the site:

  1. I met with the highly creative folks at Alma de España to let them know the design process I’d be following, and asked them to spend some time looking at sites that they liked and disliked, and take note of what they liked/disliked about those other sites.
  2. We met to discuss their findings, and went over their goals for the new site, re: the intended purpose of the site, their target audiences, and the difference between the owner and visitor value of the site. We reviewed several performance-oriented sites and really focused on the ups and downs of each site. Key design elements that we came up with: clean, bold, energetic, and presentation of “at a glance” information.
  3. I came up with a mock design, and met with them again to review the design in an interactive session where we actually made changes to my design files. We went over options, and I came up with some innovative flexibility that I could build into the WordPress theme to allow them to fully adapt the design to their needs in the future.